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Read about our classes and uniform requirements. You can register below for our beginner classes. For more advanced classes, please contact us.
If you have any question about registering please don’t hesitate to call us at (210) 923-5362. 

Required Dance Attire:
Dance uniform can be purchased at our store!
For all Pre-School and Ballet/Tap Dance Lessons:
Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers and tap shoes (preferably from our dance studio), (NO TAP SHOES WITH RIBBON!)
Ballet Folklorico Dance Lessons:

Black leotard, pink tights, white ballet folklorico shoes and black with pink ruffled skirt
Jazz & Tap:

Dance students may wear black dance shorts or jazz pants over their uniform. In addition, jazz shoes must be worn in jazz dance class and tap shoes must be worn in tap dance class.

Musical Theater: 

Dance students may wear a black leotard, tan tights, and black jazz or character shoes. 


Acro students may wear a black leotard and black dance shorts. 

All dancers  must have hair be pulled away from your face in a nice bun. No jewelry or gum is allowed while dancing.

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Your child will learn basic ballet, tap skills, creative movement, and motor skill development games. In addition, children learn centre work, fun and creative movement activities, and flexibility exercises.
Children learn basic ballet and tap through creative dance techniques. In addition, children learn centre work, across the floor creative motor skill activities. Flexibility exercises are included to enhance dance skills. This class is a prerequisite for taking Ballet/Tap 2 or any other class.
BALLET/TAP DANCE CLASS – LEVEL 2, 3: (Prerequisite Ballet/Tap 1)
More challenging ballet and tap skills are introduced in addition to beginning jazz skills. Centre work and across the floor movement and flexibility exercises are included to enhance dance skills. This class is a prerequisite for taking Ballet 1, Jazz, Tap, and Ballet Folklorico.
BALLET 1, 2 & 3 & POINTÉ DANCE CLASS: Children & Adults
Ballet is the basic foundation of all dance disciplines; therefore, Ballet is the prerequisite to taking any dance discipline on our schedule. Ballet demands great physical virtuosity. Students learn vocabulary of classical ballet and dance interpretation with adequate and proper feeling. The class is divided into three sections: exercise at the barre, centre floor work where problems of balance and choreography are mastered.
Jazz is a feeling, an attitude, and a freedom of movement. We combine jazz, modern dance, and ballet in an exciting infusion of energy and natural rhythm for all ages. Dancers learn to express their feelings and learn how to dance with an attitude to popular music they enjoy. Additionally, dancers learn basic Jazz techniques, choreography, and flexibility exercises.
BALLET FOLKLORICO DANCE CLASS: Children & Adults (Age 6 & Up)
Dancers learn about the Mexican culture while learning the art of Ballet Folklorico. In addition, dancers learn the history and dances from different regions of Mexico while mastering Mexican footwork (zapateado) and the use of the ballet Folklorico skirt. This is a stimulating, informative and valuable class for any child or adult wanting to learn traditional dance from the Mexican culture.
Prerequisite Ballet/Tap Level 1, 2 or 3 or previous tap experience
This fun class will teach dancers the history of tap as well as time steps, rhythm tap, and combinations of steps and sounds. Tap is more than just making sounds with your feet. It is about expressing yourself, percussively, with your feet and body, making music, and making statements.

MUSICAL THEATER (Ages 8 & up): 

For Broadway dreamers, Ms. Stephanie’s 6 week Musical Theatre class focuses on popular past and current Broadway shows that will enhance performance quality, character interpretation, classic technique and auditioning skills.  Students will learn the story line and style of a different show every two weeks.

​ACROBATICS: (Ages 7 & up)

Mr. Craig’s Acrobatics class will improve your child’s strength, coordination and flexibility; as well as build their confidence through challenging acrobatic skills like cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings and side and front aerials that will enhance their dance skills.  In addition, they will learn gymnastics conditioning related activities for maximum results in every class.